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Thread: Tinea versicolor

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    Hi everyone,

    A search on the forums for "tinea" only provides 10 results, so it's not discussed often. So, I just wanted to reach out to any people out there with Tinea (a fungal infection on the skin for those who don't know) and provide some hope. I have had Tinea extensively on my back and sometimes on my chest and torso for around 5 years now. My back is usually very itchy.

    The past two weeks or so I have attempted to keep my carbs at or below 50 grams (not always successful but not over 100g) and also coincidentally in those past two weeks have been enjoying two probiotics, kefir and Greek yogurt, a little bit every day.

    I was surprised to notice today that my Tinea has almost completely disappeared! My back hasn't itched in weeks, and a large red spot of Tinea on my sternum is 90% gone. In addition, in May I got 2 red flaky patches on my eyelids that suddenly appeared out of nowhere (maybe Tinea? I never figured out what they were but the Tinea on the rest of me didn't flake or become irritated like these did). Well, now those patches are 90% gone as well.

    I don't know what caused this sudden almost miraculous relief of my Tinea and eyelid rashes, but I wonder if it's no coincidence that this comes not long after I lowered my carb intake and began taking in probiotics daily. After dealing with these things for a long time, I am just amazed at the sudden change. I can deal with the Tinea honestly, it only hurts your vanity, but the unexplained eyelid patches were embarrassing and painful occasionally. I am immensely relieved to see my skin issues going away out of the clear blue! I am fired up now to keep up with low carb plus probiotics to see if it helps even more!

    Hang in there!

    Edited to add:

    For those curious, I attempt to keep my macronutrient ratios at around 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs.
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