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Thread: Anyone else think rice eaters are just delusional sugar addicts?

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    Out of respect for this thread, I had fried rice last night. 'Twas tasty.
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    Oh yeah, I totally had some of your rice pudding micro creation. It was great.
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    Beside most of the people being complete food snobs it can be an entertaining forum. I especially love reading the threads how people have become tortured souls eating primal and are in complete misery.

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    boiling rice in coconut milk is real good
    well then

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojohaligo View Post
    It is an Indonesian fried rice dish.

    Here's the wikipedia link about it: Nasi goreng - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you ever decide to make it don't use the pre-packaged spice packets for it. Find a recipe that doesn't use those... and believe me there are a ton of recipes out there!
    I will definitely try that out, thanks jojo. When I was pregnant with my oldest, a woman I worked with had her mom make Cambodian fried rice for me at least twice a week and OMG, it was amazing. The best I've ever had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadsie View Post
    boiling rice in coconut milk is real good
    My wife made a spiced rice pudding that way a couple of weeks back; it was tasty.
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    Nasi Goreng is one of my favourite dishes. I like the concept of street food and adore south-east asian cuisine.

    I eat white rice nearly every day. I have many addictions but this is not one of them. It's a practicality.
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