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Thread: Anyone else think rice eaters are just delusional sugar addicts?

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    Anyone else think rice eaters are just delusional sugar addicts?

    This forum seems pretty useless to me, was just wondering if anyone was coming from that perspective.

    IMO, most people on this forum think they need carb refeeds and such because they have never gone without them long enough to get the body fully adjusted.

    I only eat quality meat and vegetables and a bit of fruit and a very small amount of nuts. What I don't think a lot of people understand is that cheats just lead to other cheats. Everyone is so proud to get their 20% in, it's just a cycle of addiction.

    People think there is just one period of "low carb flu" but it is actually a series of low energy periods as your body gets fully adjusted.

    Not hating with the term addict, it seems to offend some folk

    Just saying, im completely ripped, can lift more than ever, have tons of energy, eat in a 4 hour window most days, i don't get sunburn anymore, i seem to be getting more muscular all the time and i hardly work out...seems to be the way to for me. You don't need excessive carbs to build muscle. And why is chronic cardio supported so much on the fitness forum? I have coached a few people thru complete withdraw from sugar and they all seem pretty happy about it. Mostly girls, gotta keep them in shape you know? They are very resistent to giving up chocolate usually, lol, but eventually they realize the sugar from chocolate is making them feel bad.
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