Howdy all,

My name is James Paul and I am from the gorgeous state of Massachusetts. I was born, and probably will die, a New Englander. I have been involved in the fitness and wellness industries as a career for well over a decade, however it was one particular client that instilled such a passion in me it's difficult to explain. I started as a personal trainer because the pay was amazing. I trained special populations (people with health concerns) and when an Alzheimer's patient said "thank you for giving me my mind back" it hit me that this is what i need to be in. It also took me a while to pick my jaw up off the floor.
I am very imperfect, although at times I may seem egotistical (I swear it's just me having fun and that's how it comes off). I am a habitual smoker and had way too long of a relationship with Bombay Sapphire. I also feel it's our imperfections that truly make us unique as individuals and beautiful as a society. We learn by asking questions, and we gain an understanding through listening. That is a fundamental I truly believes resonates in fitness as well.
We will all share strengths and weaknesses and I truly look forward to not only interacting with as many of you as I can but also hopefully positively impacting you.