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Thread: macro ratios

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    macro ratios

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    I know that this has been addressed other places...but...what are the fat/protein/carb ratios to maximize fat loss? I keep the carbs down around 75g per day.

    thoughts much appreciated.


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    your in a good spot with your carbs. calories in vs calories out is going to determine your weight loss ultimately.
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    Frankly, if you want to maximize yor fat loss, I'd cut carbs to at MOST 40g a day, if not even lower.

    Nothing wrong with 75g of carbs, but lower levels will certainly speed along the results if that's what you're after.

    Also, keep protein to 1g per pound of lean body weight. This probably means less than your actual weight, unless you are already very lean.

    Fat can make up the rest of the calories although I'd keep total caloric intake at, or just slightly lower than, maintenance levels.

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    At around 2200-2600 cal.s/day (I'm 6'-2", pretty active), I had good success with 60-90g carbs a day (and those from brassicas, alliums, greens, and moderate berries and apples), and protein around .7-1g/lb. of lean body mass, and the rest of my calories from fats. So by calories that was about 10-15% carbs, 15-20% protein, and the rest (65-75%) fat. I went from about 192 lb. in February to 173 today (Oct.). Not super fast (I'm sure Drumroll is right about pace of weight loss, I just wanted more fruits and veggies!), but steady and satisfying. Haven't been this weight since college (25 years ago!), but have more muscle.

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