I do a lot of fishing, so I always have plenty of fish to eat, but am getting bored of the same recipes. If you guys are looking for a great blackened fish recipe, i think I have stumbled upon it after many trials, most good, but this one by far the best. The trick is to melt the butter, dip fish into butter, then apply blackened seasoning, then put into smoking hot DRY cast iron pan OUTSIDE. I like to serve it topped with garlic butter and a slice of lime. I used to use oil on the fish or put oil in the pan for blackening , but this method is far superior. It has better flavor and gives the fish better texture.

Now I am looking for ideas for primal fried fish. I have used almond flour and cooked in butter, but it came out too rich. Do you think I can grind almond flour thinner so it does not overpower the flavor. Or maybe you guys have another idea of another product that would help provide a crust like fried fish? I really dont like the flavor of coconut, so that is out for me, unless my tastes change.