i have decided to do a n=1 experiment of a whole 30 pesco paleo. most of my ancestors were sea coast so i would like to see the effect of eating most of my protein from the sea. i am going to focus on shellfish, some fish and i will also add in some game meats. wild venison and maybe some wild pork. i am struggling with the no dairy as i do love cream in my coffee but it is only for 30 days. i also have a lb of streaky free range bacon to get through and some free range chicken. i have children so i need to work out things we can all eat with a subset of.

so........day 1 today

got up way too early

breakfast. 2 egg omlette fried in ghee with prob 10 prawns. 2 small cups of coffee with coconut cream to try to wake myself up.

trying to get my head around green tea and water but it has gotten cold out today so i am eyeing the coffee pot up again.