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Thread: Brain fog, general fatigue - What's my problem?

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    Hey guys,

    I've had brain fog for a good 5 years now or so (currently 17, Male) and was wondering if anyone could help me narrow down the possible reasons as to why I have it. It's interfered with my life for far too long!

    These are the causes that I believe may be possibly involved:

    . Tap water - London tap water is meant to be completely safe, but knowing that there's different types of metals and such inside doesn't really help my confidence. This is all I drink by the way, no soft drinks or tea, coffee etc.

    . Hypothyroidism - I can't tell if I have this without seeing my GP to check, but I'm pretty sure my parents will be against this and just say that "you worry too much!".

    . Food allergies - I'm completely avoiding gluten, dairy and grains in general. I've had no official diagnosis of any allergies, but I'd rather be safe than sorry seeing as I already suspect myself of being somewhat gluten intolerant.

    . Adrenal burnout - I don't believe that I'm stressed; I get a solid 9-10 hours of sleep every night without fail, with little to no interruptions. That's not to say that I don't wake up feeling pretty weak and groggy, though. I give myself time to relax, but I can't enjoy the activities that I like doing because of my fatigue and mental fogginess.

    . Nutrient deficiencies (see below)

    I've been eating well for the past few weeks with non-processed meats and vegetables; no fruits and very little carbs overall. There is absolutely no junk, grains or starchy vegetables. I've been eating primal for at least 2 months now, with more strictness in the past 2-3 weeks to avoid gluten completely.

    According to FitDay I'm lacking in various nutrients though:

    Vitamin D
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin E

    I'm currently supplementing with a multivitamin per day, one capsule of cod liver oil and a tablet supplement of Zinc.

    . I get sunlight daily whenever possible (London weather is purely random)
    . I exercise regularly (following Mark's general guidelines by doing plenty of walking, calisthenics 3 times a week and sprinting whenever I feel the urge, or running for a bus).
    . I get plenty of sleep, and although the quality may be improved, I find that my sleep is perfectly fine for now.
    . I do my best to keep an optimistic attitude, yet it'll take more than that to push through the fog.

    Does being a teenager have anything to do with this? I seriously doubt it, but I'd prefer to ask to make sure.

    Physically I also feel very heavy, if that's a symptom anyone might need to know.

    Thanks for your help!
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