Just how even "health" cereals are just low-fat, high-carb, I assume these yogurts are not Primal and are bad. Can someone give me the once over for all of these fruit yogurts that are marketed as healthy, when I know they're not? The obvious ones are loaded with sugar, but some are more vague:

Light & Fit® Greek - Dannon Light & Fit®

This one is 80 calories. What's the deal with being sweetened with fructose, sucralose and acesulfame potassium, ?

Low fat, fine. Low calories, fine.

I see it's got sugar/carbs. But at only 80 calories, how bad can it be?
How much is from natural fructose in the fruit vs. added sucrose, etc.
Also, artificial sweeteners are bad how? Blocking leptin/grehlin/peptide X?