I read on here and also in Nourishing Traditions about ways to make beef broth. I have been making good chicken broth for years but the beef has eluded me, probably due to early conditioning (hated my mother's beef soup). But I got a marrow bone and some ribs and something else sold for soup, roasted the meaty bones and soaked the marrow bone with a bit of vinegar (I know the jury is out on that one). I boiled all of them together with carrots and onions (skins on, makes the colour lovely) and celery seed, skimmed the foamy junk, then added crushed peppercorns and fresh thyme and cooked for a day and a half. Strained, chilled, skimmed congealed fat (discarded as the beef was not pastured) and have some really terrific broth.

It was easy but took a long time and a lot of space in the kitchen....bones were too big for my crock pot. Anyway, now I have three quarts of lovely broth in the freezer and another good experience in the kitchen.

Thanks for listening! What other bone broth tips can you share?