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Thread: Going solo in a full house, few questions

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    Going solo in a full house, few questions

    Hello all, I'm Joe. I am currently trying to get into the primal lifestyle, but am facing multiple issues in diet and health. Me, my fiance, her brother, and our son live in a house next door to her parents, other brother, and sister. We do all shopping and meals together, and as I'm the only one trying to go primal, the food isn't generally geared towards that. Her family is really big on quick fix snack foods, basically anything packaged and microwavable. I'd be lying if I said I didnt fancy these foods myself, but I'm trying to avoid them. When I do stop at a produce junction and pick up fruits and veggies, they tend to go quick as everyone else jumps on them as well. Any suggestions?

    Work posses another problem as far as food goes. I'm a manager at a restaurant called Cosi's, anyone familiar with it? Our flatbread is constantly baked throughout the day and smells so dang good ha, temptation and a half, oddly enough I seem to have an easier time avoiding grains there than at home. We have salads, so thats a great option, a bunch of fruits nuts and veggies to add to them, but I worry about the chicken and steak. Our chicken comes pre chopped in a 5lb bag, its already seasoned and god only knows what else has been put into it. It's delicious, though I wonder how healthy it could actually be, same with the steak. Should I avoid these at work and just stick with the produce? The other day at work I took all the toppings from a greek salad, tomato's, cucumbers, onions, olives, and did away with the feta, but mixed those things with chicken, heated them up and threw them over spinach leaves, then added some mushrooms I sauteed, it was delicious. Now I'm debating if I should have left out the chicken. Again, Any suggestions?

    As for the health aspect, I'm addicted to tobacco, smoking, chewing, and need to quit. I started chewing sugar free gum as a substitute, though I doubt gum could be considered primal in any sense, and although it's sugar free, its probably loaded with a ton of artificial sweeteners. Is this really a good alternative to smoking, or should I avoid the gum and try to find something else. Also I've been chewing the sugar free gums (specifically the "Extra Dessert Delights") as an alternative to eating a bunch of other sweets. Is this a bad idea?

    So to recap, things that I could possibly do about eating at home, my food is free at work so I do a lot of my eating there, would love to know opinions on the chicken issue, and sugar free gums-decent enough stepping stone to ditching the other things or should it be avoided all together?

    Thank you all for your time. I apologize for the lengthy post, but I have a lot on my mind and I type fast.

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