I have recently started switching towards a primal diet, as I have diabetes and am going primal to clean out the sugar-providers from my diet.

However, I am also in the middle of doing a sponsored 22 mile swim (over 5 weeks) in my local pool. I'm swimming breaststroke, as I cant do crawl due to a sports injury. Hard work, as any sponsored event should be!

On the Primal diet, my energy levels in the swim have crashed; I don't have the endurance I had while on my previous normal carb diet.

All the primal stuff talks about "walk more", "lift weights", etc., so doesnt seem to have much relevance to swimming, and certainly not endurance swimming (high energy output over sustained period). Primal seems tailored to running/walking (Grok clearly hated water!).

So 2 questions:
1) Should I suspend my move into Primal while doing this intense sponsored swim, to sustain my energy levels? I'll return to it after the mega-swim, but feel I am being badly served by a low-carb, high-protein diet for the swim.
2) What is the best Primal way to fuel endurance swimming?
3) (OK I cant count!) Is there any advice from endurance swimmers, triathletes, etc. that would help?

Thanks in advance.