ARGH, bit frustrated here. The other day my ten year old daughter tells me she's going primal and that bread gives her heartburn! YAY!

So this is all great until she goes to my best friend's place to stay with her daughter, and she announces that she's going primal like her mum. Well, my friend first says "but you don't need to lose weight" . Yes, I am losing weight through primal BUT to me it's not all about weight loss, but about eating a way I can eat FOREVER without cravings etc. etc. and giving my body the right nutrients.

Anyway, my friend seems to "tolerate" this about me... but complains she can't feed me (even though I've said "I just don't eat grains and sugar! You can just feed me normal food!!"), but flat out has told my daughter that she has to eat what she's given, whether she likes it or not. GRR.

Look I get it... I know people don't wanna go out and buy a whole bunch of stuff to feed one or two "fussy" people. But geez, how hard can it be to just give her meat and veg and forego breads and stuff?? (My daughter now says that bread and pasta gives her heartburn, so this is part of the reason why she wants to give them up).

The thing is, while I can go there and turn down bad food, if my daughter goes there to stay, they're going to have to feed her (or she'll go hungry), and I don't want to put them out... I could offer to send food along with her (so she can have her breakfast bacon ) I guess, but at the same time that seems a little rude as well (I know my friend would perceive it as rude... as she likes to feed people!).

I just find it a little disrespectful. I don't want people to go out of their way for me, but I do like them to respect what I eat, not just get a "well we don't eat that way in this house!!" comment (which is what my daughter got). But at the same time... I kinda get it. If someone's staying at my house, they eat what I feed them. That's it. If they have an allergy or something, I'm obviously going to cater to it. That being said, if I had a vegetarian kid staying at my house, I wouldn't force them to eat meat! But in general, I'll just feed them what I feed my kids and expect them to deal. And I guess my friend is the same way - she has a meal she wants to feed herself and her child, and expects any visiting children to eat the same meal.