Hi everyone

Just wanted to pop in and say hello! My name is Hayley, i'm from the UK and i'm so glad i joined the forum.

I started living the paleo way a few months back and i cant believe how good i felt. My new lifestyle meant that i lost quite a lot of weight (which i needed) and then gradually as i started to get comfortable in my new skin, old habits started to creep back in.
Over the past month or so i've been feeling anxious and very unwell. Everything about my body feels generally "off"

Before starting to eat Paleo i was very skeptical about the claims of more energy and increased well being etc... but i have to admit that i'm totally converted and at the same time a little annoyed that i slipped back to my old ways. But a lesson learned, the hard way and as i've so rightly read in the book a number of times "i'm sick of being sick".

So here i am, starting afresh, and sooo looking forward to feeling better!

There are a few things that i've still not fully been able to say goodbye to yet, like a little bit of milk in my coffee, or the odd latte, so if anyone has any good alternatives i'd love to know about those.

Anyway, i'm really glad to be here, and really looking forward to making some Paleo friends

Hayley x