I am fairly young (29) and I am not doing this for weight loss (anymore) but to be healthy and for a lifestyle I can maintain. I enjoy my 20% and if your a person who eat 100% then well done but this isn't a thread for you.

I train pretty hard 3-4 times a week and I eat 14 (2 a day) meals a week, so at the moment I have 2 fairly decent treats (Pizza, dessert etc..) after 2 of my training sessions as part of my 20% and the rest of it I guess includes Coffee. the rest of the time my food is nearly always meat/fish and veg.

This seems to be working quite well for me and seems to in some way give me the Carbs (I know I can get better Carbs) I need after a tough workout, although I am open to suggestions.

So my question is, how do people structure there 20%? In 2/3 sittings or throughout the week and what do people think is the best way forward?