So in true Primal style I thought I would try to incorporate some Play element to my day. So took the 3.5 Year Old God-Daughter ice skating (considering here in Brisbane, Australia - we are at sea level and it never snows so iceskating indoor is a novelty).

Wow what a massively cool workout - my legs and hips were killing me and the cardio was fun as well......

.....right up until the point I caught the tip of my skate and did a total faceplant onto the ice. Day off work nursing a seriously bruised knee.

All that ran through my head was marks Primal Laws about avoiding hazardous things.

Knee is better now, just a bit stiff of a morning, but I have been able to jog with it and do my primal squats in my workout so I got lucky. The trouble is that once you introduce a 3 year old to something they love they want to do it again....god help me.

Maybe I should take her to the beach - little more of our natual habitat.

Sorry just had to share my embarrasing moment - as a lesson to other 30 year old Grok Wannabees - sometimes Play hurts!