Hi there.

Welcome to my journey.

I am a former long time vegetarian (22 years, six months) going 100% primal for the next 90 days.

I am a sugar and carb addict and have struggled with my weight going up and down most of my life. Name the diet & I've been on it! I've also been an over-exerciser (I tend to do things to the extreme!)

I have chronic back pain that I am convinced is the result of diet related inflammation. I would also like to lose about thirty pounds, STOP "dieting" forever, increase my energy and enjoy life

Today I cleaned out my kitchen...tomorrow I grocery shop!

Since my partner and my two teenage sons who live with me are carnivores, I was able to forage for food and eat primally today:

Breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs with scallions, green peppers, tomato and basil (the tomato & basil were from my urban garden)

Lunch - 2 turkey patties, home made vegetable soup, green tea

Dinner - 2 beef patties, steamed cauliflower with butter, green tea

I did some yoga this morning and took a walk in the neighborhood this evening.

So far...so good!

Here's to the Primal Life!