Has anyone noticed the entrenched trend of meat departments in grocery stores? Skinned, boneless, cut up meat--very hard to find meat with bones in it. No roasts with bones.

Everyone knows, and chefs always talk about this, how bones make a roast more juicy and flavorful. So does skin on chicken. And fat, holds the juices in meat.
I wonder why no bones. I asked in the meat counter, and "I don't know". I asked the store manager and she said they just don't get many requests for bones in meat. Hmmm.....

We all know people who are afraid of what meat really is. I heard a woman saying how "her meat" had to be in a square shape and not look like it came from an animal. She didn't want to think about that. I bet she liked those old airline meals with the square pieces of fish or chicken with the artificial brown grill lines painted on them.

Bones make the meat weigh more, but you don't eat them, so you're paying for the flavor of the bone, which is awesome! Or give it to your dog...so why are they taking the bones out? Even chicken with bones and skin is hard to find. I think I will get sick if I see one more "boneless chicken breast". Boneheads. What are they doing with the bones? There must be some use for them, that is more profitable than selling them to us.

Jah, you get bones with lamb sometimes. The little chops, rack of lamb if you can find it, or ribs. And I don't care for "frenching" the bones, where they cut the meat away from the bone. That seems just criminal.

I don't have butchers anywhere near me, so I buy meat in the grocery store. I try to stick to the no-hormone or organic or free-range types whenever possible. I bet the answer is a good butcher.

But I remember when there were soup bones, roasts with bones in them, big marrow bones, big joint soup bones, a whole chicken cut up with skin, bones, and even the heart, liver, and giblets. But I would only want to eat really organic chicken livers, the liver being what it is. You even saw beef tongue in the meat aisle.

I've had pork and beef kidneys. I don't see those in stores either. Or oxtails, which make great soup. MMMmmmm.

I want to get daring and try brains. My son said they are really creamy and fatty. He even tried escargot. Snails have to be Paleo.