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    Hi, Primal Blueprinting from Miami

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    hi all, Im new to the primal life and still just learning about the primal lifestyle. Im in Miami, FL.

    I am looking to make new friends that I can share my interest in this primal lifestyle with. Unfortunately my husband is not too excited about the primal lifestyle idea.

    Since the 1st week i started cutting out my carbs and doing a few exercises I feel great, and i want my husband to feel that way too.

    Im a recovering addict and my husband suffers from back pain. we have 2 small baby girls and 2 teenagers, I would love for us to go out and do activities together, but most of the time my husband is in too much pain. I hope to find support in this forum to help me turn this family around and help me as i try my hardest to convince my husband that doctors and medication is not our only option.

    money is tight but that does not faze me, im going primal and my family is coming with me.

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    Welcome and good luck!!

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    Welcome! I'm in Miami too, good to hear there's others being Primal locally. Congrats on going for your goals regardless of the situation.

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    Hey there! I'm in West Palm. Kinda far, but still in the neighborhood, relatively speaking. Welcome!

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