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    Alternatives to tuna

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    Does anyone have any alternatives to tuna? It's nice to top my daily salad with, but I'm on the lookout for variety. Preferably a nearly equal cost option?

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    Have you tried chicken thighs? Cook then with the skin still attached, in a frying pan with coconut oil or butter until skin is nice and crispy and then cut off the bone and place in salad, skin and all.

    Or perhaps there are other types of fish you could consider. Shrimp, and other shellfish such as muscles and clams can make great salad toppers.

    Any sort of ground meat is doable as well if you want to change up your salad and go more "taco salad" style.

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    canned salmon or anchovies or sardines........

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    Quote Originally Posted by brighthorse View Post
    canned salmon or anchovies or sardines........
    This is golden...:-)
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