So about two months ago I started repainting our house (interior) by room. It was supposedly a very low VOC paint. However in two months time I have developed chronic back and hip pain. I can NOT believe this was from the act of painting. Do you think from paint fumes? Does that sound crazy? My other thought is that all those xenoestrogens messed with my woman parts and I have a fibroid or cyst causing my back/hip pain from excessive pressure (history of cysts). I get an ultrasound next week to have a little more info as to WTH is going on with me. Also to diet has been damn near pristine...gave up all alcohol, chocolate and caffeine in that time frame as well!

Anyone with these issues ---fibroids/cysts? Would this cause intense pain in my hips? I'm only 35 but I guess this could be arthritis too? All of this is FAR worse leading up to and during my period.