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Thread: paint fumes

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    It should also list the ppm you would need to be exposed to for it to be considered harmful. If you are working with a single gallon can or five gallon pail, only applying some of it in a room with ventilation, I think you'll find that the emissions would not be capable to occumulate the exposure necessary to even make you dizzy.

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    That warning doesn't really mean much. The standard is that reasonable exposure over a 70 year period would cause an increase of 1 case of cancer in a population of 100,000. And you'd have to know which specific chemical and what type of exposure, such as drinking water contamination or inhaling it. As for the pain not abating, if you've irritated a nerve, like sciatica, it would take a few weeks for the pain to abate. I paint a lot, get it all over my skin in both liquid and sanded form, don't use low-VOC paints and am exposed to assorted chemicals like strippers, thinners, additives to paint and cement (although I wear gloves/goggles/mask with the really bad ones) and have never had any kind of reaction like this. Definitely get it looked at, as long term pain should be treated, but unless you're super sensitive to something in the paint I doubt your exposure to whatever the chemical is would be enough to cause these symptoms.

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    I did find a Ben Moore no VOC paint that I'm going to try and locate here to finish up my a few weeks. I've always been a bit more "sensitive" to chemicals than your average Jane...same goes with meds...I can take FAR less of a recommended dose and get the response I need.

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