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Thread: Ok, This Is Gonna Sound Vain. No Way Around It.

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    Ok, This Is Gonna Sound Vain. No Way Around It.

    I have pretty nice abs. I've always been in good shape, and since going primal I've leaned out a little more and kept muscle on. But I want mind-melting, pants-crapping, "holy balls, look at that guy" abs. I just need some kind of personal challenge always going on, and this is it right now. I've looked into leangains, and that's a little more regimented counting and planning than I'm into right now. Can I get there by just continuing to stay low-carb and working out (I lift hard and do some intense workouts. Always have.) I just need to figure out what exactly to do to shred off maybe 2-3 pounds of fat total.

    Background: I'm pretty naturally low-carb (whenever I plug in a day of eating it's usually under 50g, and keep my macros at 60-79% fat on a given day). Fairly high protein, don't want to lose any muscle. I feel great on low carb; I know some people don't. I'll eat occasional macadamias, 90% chocolate, cheese,or whole cream with berries but not that often, and not in the same week.

    I know it seems kinda silly to be working towards something like this when I already have a perfectly respectable six-pack, especially considering how many people struggle with their weight, but there you go. For the record, I'm hooked on the success stories of those who have made huge life changes. That's WAY more inspiring and impressive than me, who got lucky with genetics and just works hard in the gym.

    So how do I get there?
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