I just finished reading Primal Blueprint and I am really excited to embrace the primal life. I am currently on Ideal Protein, but do not think this is a sustainable way to live. I did it for 4 mos this winter and lost 20lbs (went from 140-120), but I put back on 10 lbs when I went off of it, mostly from drinking and not knowing what to eat and how to eat with normal non-packaged foods.

So I went back on Ideal Protein (Our Doctor Derived Weight Loss Program Provides You with a Diet that Really Works) for September and I am getting very lame results, basically none. I want to change to primal eating, but I the calorie intake is still really low and I feel like without the weekly check in I get at the center I may over do it.

My body fat % is around 23%, I calculated my caloric intake assuming it was 25% because I know the scale is not that accurate.

This is the breakdown:
BMR: 655 + (567.3) + (24.8) - (164.5) = 1082.3
BMR + Activity: 1082.3 x1.375 = 1488 calories/day for me.
Subtracting 500 a day for the 3500 calorie deficit equals a total of 988 calories a day to lose 1 lb a week
Protein: 68 grams 273 cals
Carbs: 50 grams 200 cals
Fat: 73.5 grams 515 cals

My question to you is does that seem really low? Do you think I could get away with more calories in fat or protein and keep the carbs low. Maybe I just need to play with it, but I thought you may have some thoughts. I am lifting 1-2 times a week and walking about 25-40 mins a day (to and from work). I am sprinting about every 10 days. Tending towards the lower side of those ranges as I am eating so little right now.

I'd be really excited to hear any insight you might have. Or maybe there is a person who is similar to me that you can point me to. I am 35, 5'3", big skier, desk job, 130 lbs, Body fat % about 23%.

Feel free to share this out with a reply, I just couldn't figure out how to post a new thread!