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Thread: Carb-Ups ?

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    I'm sure this has been brought up at some point in the fast, but I'm wondering what the scientific stand-point is on "carb-ups" or "carb-cycling" as I guess it's called. I've seen a few sites claim that carb-cycling is far superior than eating Primal/low carb for an extended period of time. I personally think that is ridiculous, but I was wondering if anyone had any info. for or against the claim.

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    primal isnt nessacarily low carb, just lower carb. If you do serious lifting carb ups are required to continue making gains. carbs and insulin aren't the enemy, you need them

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    and when i said they were required I meant if you regularly are doing very low carb. If you include fruits and higher carb veggies in your daily meals then carb ups probably arent needed.

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    Take a look at Mark's book, "Primal Blueprint," at the bottom of page 97. Isn't this exactly what he's trying to describe when he advocates a day of substantial carb loading? I've been very curious to learn the basis for his position on this, but so far I haven't discovered much of an explanation.

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    Good questions, and great topic.

    First off, if Grok came across a sweet potato-and knew how to cook it-what do you think he'd do...? Well, OK he'd probably do the same thing with a donut, but the point is he didn't have access to donuts and he may just have had access to yams, other tubers and countless alternative sources of carb that he would most likely consume when he had a chance.

    So, as was already mentioned, Primal isn't necessarily low carb. It IS no-grain though, which is something else entirely.

    But why do some people recommend "carb loads." There are lots of possible reasons, ranging from recharging your leptin levels to replenishing your muscle glycogen to giving yourself a bit of a psychological treat. There are arguments to be made for most of it.

    But for me, the most important measure is energy. Sometimes I just feel like my gas tank is too low for the high intensity training I'm doing and I need to "tank up" a bit. And if I get all those other benefits, great.

    The important thing is to tank up on stuff that's not going to run you down (like grains and sugars) as that would be counter productive to your goal of having more energy to fuel your activities.

    Hope that adds to the discussion. Looking forward to hearing what others think.



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    I agree with adam. If I carb load on cerals, candy, other junk, etc..I just feel sick and terrible...but if I carb load on primal foods like fruits and berries, veggies, tubers, etc I feel much better

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