I'm such a newb to fitness. I'm serious. I don't know much about fitness. I feel I should take a Fitness 101 class maybe even a Fitness 100. I just joined a regular gym close to my house. I would have loved to join a Crossfit Gym but it's out of my price range. Just two reasons I would have loved to join a Crossfit Gym: they push you. You can't half ass a workout when you are there and the second is they have a trainer there watching you to make sure you are doing proper form.

The gym I joined has weights and machines. I hope I made the right decision when I joined the gym. Not sure if I did yet. I also own a pull up/dip station here at home. That's the only workout equipment I own.It's confusing out there. You hear so much conflicting information when I read about fitness on the Internet. Some say you should use your own body to workout with, others say weights are better and bring faster results while others say a mixture of the two.

I'm leaning more towards a true workout system inspired by inmates in prison. They have to be super strong and have insane amounts of endurance to survive in prison. They also do so many reps of different workouts. I'm not sure about Convict Conditioning. Right now I'm doing SimpleFit and not sure about it. It works well. But I want to hear from others that know more about fitness than I do about SimpleFit. Should I keep going with SimpleFit and cancel my gym membership?

By the way my gym membership is a month to month deal. No contracts. I hope someone here can help me out. I know I'm all over the place. That goes to show how confused I am on what to do.