I started transitioning to paleo eating a couple of weeks ago after stumbling across the Balanced Bites podcast and listening to about 8 episodes in a weekend. I was already aware of paleo/primal eating and living, but wasn't quite ready to try it. Now I've been at it for 2 weeks and I already love it - the gap between my meals has stretched and stretched (I've been able to cut snacks out almost completely), I have lots of energy, I feel lighter and more flexible, my clothes are looser and my skin looks clearer and softer too. I've been reading blogs voraciously and ordered The Primal Blueprint today.

I've cut out grains, legumes and sugar. I didn't eat a lot of dairy, and I don't feel ready to try life without butter yet. I don't own scales, although I know roughly what I weigh, I'm more interested in feeling fit and looking healthy. (I measure fat loss with clothes/the tape measure!)

I wasn't eat dreadfully prior to this - lots of veg and good quality meat and eggs, almost no fast-food or ready meals, but I was absolutely hooked on grains (both whole and white) and pulses, and had to eat something every 3 hrs or I felt horribly hungry and emotional.

A teeny bit about me: I'm 32, live in London and work for a charity. For exercise, I like dancing, yoga, walking and T-tapp (which I know a couple of American ladies who post on here also enjoy!).

I'm hoping to get physically and mentally fitter, as well as improve my sleep and relaxation, and although my sleep is a bit weird currently as I haven't quite worked out how to deal with the extra energy, so far so good.