Hello fellow MDAers, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

I took my kiddos fun shopping this weekend. One of those times when I just give them $20 a piece and say spend it on whatever you like. We went to a town that has a very active and really cool downtown area and just walked and shopped. We all had a great time, we found a really cool science store but they also had all sorts of different animal jerky, like buffalo and alligator, my son got some ostrich jerky and thought it was really good. And I got christmas presents picked out because I got to see what they oohhed and aahhed over, lol.

I'm proud of the food choices I made this weekend. It seems like that is pretty engrained in me now and just the natural choice, I just feel like this is the way I eat now and don't really have to think about it too much. I think that is a milestone!

I am however having a little bit of a breakfast problem. I decided to cut out my hemp protein powder and almond milk because I think both those things are just too processed. So lately I have just being drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast at home and then eating my normal serving of fruit when I get to work. Lately the fruit is a kiwi and some fresh pineapple. BUT, since I also work out most mornings (not a hard work out, generally about 30 mins of yoga or body resistance stuff) I worry that I should be having some sort of protein right after that, I would still like to build some muscle and I don't want to lose any that I have worked so hard to build. I cannot eat eggs everyday or my stomach gets really mad at me (like sharp pains that last all day) and I don't usually have left overs from dinner because we generally eat everything. So if anyone is actually reading this are there any opinions on whether I should be eating some protein right after I work out or is it ok to just do the coffee with heavy cream?

I saw some pictures of myself this weekend from last summer that I hadn't seen before. What I really noticed is that although I've always been super thin my skin is so much tighter now!! Especially the skin on my belly, so I guess obviously I had a skinny fat thing going on and that is improving! I also notice a lot more muscle definition in recent pictures and my skin tone looks a lot better to me. YAY for primal!

I guess thats about it for today
Peace and love everyone,