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Thread: Zombie mud run in nj

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    i actually dig halloween. so does the wifey. its her favorite holiday. i feel like xmas is the big BS holiday though. sitting around with extended family you hate, telling the same stories over and over again, telling aunt whats-her-tits how good her god-awful greenbean casserole is, pretending that the cockeyed teal sweater grandma knitted you is a work of art. i think the wife and i are going to actually take a ski trip to vermont or maybe a long weekend somewhere else this year. start our own holiday tradition

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    I have issues. I'm generally friendly and what not but for some reason I can't explain, "mass happiness" really irks me. I find celebrations "just because" to be annoying... but worry not I have no intentions of doing anything to anybody, I just don't partake.

    It's gotta be all that death metal rotting my brain.

    Look a these folks, they know how to have fun:

    Flesh Parade "How To Do So" - YouTube

    (yeah many would probably be into this Zombie thing, let us not bring that up)

    All the more reason to go as a zombie and instile some fear and panic among the giggling hoards
    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

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