Hi, my name is Joseph. I came across the primal blueprint a long while back, tried it out, figured id start by kicking grains and cutting carbs. Few days in and i snapped, went back to eating like i always had. I just recently decided to give it another shot.

I have to admit, even though i started getting light headed and having headaches frequently by day 4, i felt happy, my mood was elevated, and i had more energy than i normally do. That said, I am an addict when it comes to grains. No joking, I have a brother who is a recovering addict from heroine and crack, and I feel like i know how he feels now as im trying to get off the grains. I find there are times they are all I think about, and I literally struggle with myself for a while deciding whether i should or shouldnt indulge.

This weekend I screwed up and ate a bagel, and decided ah well, im gonna enjoy this weekend. I had my whiskey, frozen burritos, cheeseburger, fritos, soda, oreos, and a bunch of other horrible things i shouldnt have eaten. I finished the weekend off with this mornings breakfast from mcdonalds, which I'm already regretting. Now its back to the diet, nothing but good real food. See how long i last this time before giving in, but even if/when i do, im going to keep at it until im rid of the stuff for good.

Also, I mentioned the headaches and lightheaded with no grains, had hard time focusing, but in general i felt alot better than i normally do, well, just from those 2 days eating the junk again and i already noticed the difference.

Thats all for now, wish me luck