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Thread: High heartrate for hours?

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    High heartrate for hours?

    So chronic cardio is bad, because of the stress level over extended time.
    I can very much dig slow moving and sprinting, but when I get on a bike I just can't help but to go all in.

    I took a 35km trip the other day, took just shy of one hour and forty minutes, wearing a heart rate monitor (not looking at the heartrate while driving, but just to be able to garner some information to satisfy my curiosity)

    Now looking at the result, max heart rate was 201bpm and the average over the entire ride was 169bpm. This is the distribution of time spent in different 'zones'): (Rest 0%, Warm up 0%, Fatburn 0%, Aerobic 2%, Anerobic 33%, Redline 62%)

    Is there anything to be concerned about with that high heart rate? I probably won't do that type of rides more than once or twice a week tops, doing shorter rides on the other days (to and from work/school and such, but still with intensity)

    Also, I thought of doing this fasted (rode to my parents house, to have lunch straight after the ride), but opted for a protein shake with extra bcaa. Any thoughts on whether that's necesarry or not? I should think doing it fully fasted, or just with bcaa's should be fine, but I got second thoughts just before going.
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