Hey there everyone!

How have you been?

Things have not been well in the land of the werewolf. ;_;

I was swimming along just dandily, and then...Life totally got in the way. I was 95% primal, doing all kinds of (Beginner level) Convict conditioning... I was down over 35lbs!

And then...well, my girlfriend moved in.

My girlfriend doesn't like to cook. She doesn't like fish. She doesn't like seafood. She doesn't know how to grill, and refuses to learn (If she refuses to learn, she never has to do it!) She doesn't know how to broil, she insists there needs to be bread and potatoes in everything...

Cue depression.

I quit eating primal, I gave in to her demands for fast food, ice cream...and indulged myself.

Now I'm back to where I was before, and...I don't want to be here!!

So, I'm going to try to get back. Some words of encouragement are totally needed, everyone! My life has not been good for some time, and I could totally use some gentle get back on the horse. (Is the horse delicious? Can I eat it?)

I hope you all remember me! I'm gonna try to become an active member again!

I've got the PB on my Kindle, and I'm reading the Omnivore's Dilema. Good to see you all again!