I started the 21-day challenge when Mark posted about it this fall and only made it 9 days before a cheat slipped in.
Once I cheated with the popcorn I hide in the back of my cupboard (first mistake.. should have just thrown it out!!) I continued to cheat that day because I already had - this is my most frequent excuse.

Since I didn't make it with the 21-day challenge of hitting it (the primal lifestyle) hard, I am going to take it at a slower pace. Maybe focusing on eliminating the worst things for me, because I do have a major sweet tooth. In that respect as well, this won't be a Day 1, Day 2, etc. but just a journal of what I eat so I can feel more of a sense of accountability and so I am actively thinking about what I have chosen to ingest each day, improving these choices when I recognize a slip up.

My biggest concern in this regards is people offering me homemade treats at work or gatherings. I feel bad not taking their offer or I almost feel like people think I'm a snobby, wanna-be-health nut, because really.. who doesn't love the TASTE of that stuff!? (even if we all know in our very educated minds that it is not good for us) *Disclaimer - I know these are ridiculous feelings, so I will be working on not caring what others think as well.

Another big concern is espresso drinks. I love mochas and have drank probably hundreds of them during my college career. Now.. I love tea, but sometimes a chocolatey milky drink just sounds better at the time. I have been getting cafe miels instead of mochas lately which have milk, coffee, honey and cinnamon (I feel that is a bit more primal than my worst enemy - the mocha)

On with the food journal:

B - Sausage and egg burrito with veggies and salsa and a miel. Situation: Traveled this weekend and went to breakfast with the friend I stayed with. I went this route rather than the scone, muffin, cinnamon route. And I had to drive 5.5 hours so the miel seemed like a not-so-terrible idea.

S - A spoonful of almond butter mixed with honey

D - Coconut pancakes (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook) with unsweetened coconut shavings and pure maple syrup & 3 strips of bacon.


B - IF for the morning because the burrito had cheese and a tortilla and I would have survived the car ride without anything in my stomach. And dark tea to drink instead of the miel.

D - skip the maple syrup, or at least use less than I did!

Stay tuned, tomorrow is sure to be a good day (lunch is already prepared for work tomorrow).