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Thread: crossfit at my local gym

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    crossfit at my local gym

    Hi Guys,

    being an aussie, we don't have the luxury of having that many crossfit affiliates here.

    I go to fitness first which is a commercial gym. Has all the goodies for a standard BB routine as well as starting strength, WS4SB template etc.

    I wanna do complexes to stoke my metabolic furnace and get some fat burning going and improve my conditioning for cricket.

    Any thoughts on a complex or complexes that will help me out, or even send me to some sites etc...

    Many Thanks...


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    Na swieta chyba zjem sledzia albo wilka.

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    thanks Bushy.

    any others as well? conditioning for cricket?

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    I would start with asking you what are your goals? Crossfit main sales pitch is that is doesnt specialize in specializing in one single area. So there is something to be gained by being a specialist which exposes you to those weakpoints and makes you all around better athlete. So just focusing on one area just doesnt cut it........

    I would say pick something you absolutely suck at, and hate at the sametime and embrace that flaw.......

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    +1 this site is great if your starting out crossfit and doing it on your own rather than at a crossfit box. I followed their scaled workouts for about six months and got in fantastic shape. Will hopefully get back into it in some form in a few months once I've got space for a home gym setup.
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    People following this programming seem to get better/stronger than people doing other local box programming.

    You can follow the main CrossFit page - they post a WOD each day. You can find any random box that posts their programming and follow that. You can do nothing but hero WODs or girl WODs. Lots of choices

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    Be careful of "crossfit" classes in the gyms!

    A gym that I used to frequent had X fit classes - it was like a bastardised version of cross fit with HUGE amounts of reps, massive cardio. Basically the opposite of what crossfit is, but passing it off as a non-branded version. It was injury waiting to happen with rep sets like 21-19-17-15-12-9-6-3 of 8-10 exercises.

    I've changed over to an affiliate box and its so much better, and they actually check your form and take the time to teach the movements and mobility stuff.

    That being said, definitely check out the crossfit hq mainpage for their WODs.
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