Sorry for the post here but I am looking for advice and some direction if anyone can share.

I like to share a brief background of myself. I am 51/female and I struggle with chronic constipation (last few years) and am menopausal (last few years) with hypothyroid (last few years). By the way, regarding constipation, if you suggest fiber, flax, miralax, herbal teas, probiotics, Smooth move, yoga moves, relaxing, mind training, chai seeds, physillium seeds, calm, magnesium, aerobic magnesia ...been there and done that times 120 billion other things. At this point today, I do my best NOT to take any laxatives because that creates lazy bowels over time and mine require using an enema just to go and their lazy enough!! It's pretty serious. Let's just say I am day 4 and no movement. By day 5, I have to deal with this via enema and yes my Dr knows all this and I have had a coloxcopy and no one knows how to help me yet except we think it's the thyroid.....My Dr. is upping my dose of thyroid meds to see if we can jump start it..At one point last year I became hyper and actually started to have BM"s for the first time in years but that stopped when another Dr. took me off of the pills 100% because he said I was hyper and shouldn't be on I am like starting all freaking over again because I am hypo again. Been on 100 mg. but no BM's yet at 4 weeks and he just upped me to 125 mg 4 days ago. At 137 mg I was hyper so it's the most I can go now and still no action down there...moving on...

With that being said...I battle with weight when I never, ever use to until all this hit me several years ago. So what do I do besides cry. I went on the HCG diet recently as that was the only thing that worked for me. I lost 27 pounds in the last year and I lost that 3x's after gaining it back 2x's...I didn't eat out of control but my body likes to gain fast...My goal is to keep it off and I am trying like crazy. So today I am paranoid because my weight is starting to crept back up again..I wish I had kept up on my calorie count and carbs but I think my carbs were exactly where they were supppose to be...maybe this is all poop in my belly...heck I don't know guys but I just wish my weight would chill down.

I wear a slize 6...not big person at 5.7" it just my weight ...I want to keep it down at 155 or lower if I can...which was the goal I had and it just went up, up and up...I'm nervous about all this!!

So here is the break down:

Started Primal eating at 158.2(Keeping carbs under 50)
Day 1 158.4 (+2) 1562 calories/32 carbs
Day 2 157.6 (-8) 1911 calories/24 carbs
Day 3 157.2 (-4) 1836 calories/24 carbs
Day 4 157.2 (0) 1434 calories/25 carbs
Day 5 157.0 (-2)
Day 6 158.2 (+1.2)
Day 7 158.6 (+.2)
Week 1 of Primal: (+.2)

Day 8 160.2 (+1.6)
Today! Day 9: 161 (+8) 135 calories so far today and it's 4PM..I am too nervous to eat now!

Well unfortunately I stop counting calories and carbs. Perhaps that would of been helpful at this point. Did I eat too many carbs? I don't think so but I did start adding in nuts..macadamia ones to be exact. A good cup full too here and there...also was eating more HWC and CO....what should I do? Anybody deal with this?