I just read the Primal Blueprint 21 Total Body Transformation, along with Mark's book and cookbook. I have been eating very organically and buying my protein from a local Co-op so the foods I consume are free from chemicals, they're not processed. I do have a question though....

Does this really work? I'm 47 years old, weighing 155 lbs. I haven't been active except for the occasional walk with my dog for about three years. I'm approximately 30 lbs overweight and really think it may be too late to lose weight and look fit at my age. Are there any people out there that are around my age that this lifestyle worked for? My metabolism has definitely slowed down and due to that and my age I'm questioning if this works.

Just some background....I have always been fit, weighing 125 lbs on a 5'7" frame. Over the past ten years though food/drink is "sticking to me." I really want to make this transition in my life but feel that it won't work for someone like me that is pre-menapausal and who hasn't really kept up with an exercise routine.

I really want to hear from those around my age and older.....please give me your thoughts and experiences with Primal Blueprint.

Thank you for reading!