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Thread: Can a 47 yr old really be transformed?

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    not if you dont want to
    I'll be back

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    Started when I was about to turn 45. 20 pounds lighter, huge strength and muscle-mass increases, feel like I'm 30 again.

    Go for it and don't look back!

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    Oh yes...
    There are many success stories from ladies around your age, and even older.
    My Healthy Lifestyle Was Killing Me | Mark's Daily Apple
    From Cancer Back to Health | Mark's Daily Apple
    I Decided I Had Nothing to Lose | Mark's Daily Apple

    There are a few...

    I think that more important that the "diet" aspect of this, is the whole shift in lifestyle. This is something thatfeels good enough that it's not hard to want to stick with it permanently. No rebounding... just healthy!
    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    I'm 52, I started eating primally a little over 2 yrs ago. I've never been athletic, mostly walked my dogs and rode my bike to the grocery store. I lost 23 lbs in the first 6 months just doing that. Since January I started doing body weight exercises and occasionally sprinting and now for the first time in my life I have some muscles. If you were athletic before I'd say you will definitely get in shape if you follow the PB.

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