Hi, I have no doubt that the Primal diet works wonders for people and it is great to see so many people on here getting great results.

I am struggling with the claim that we are best matching the diets of our ancestors as there is a lot of debate over this topic. Dr. Loren Cordain argues that meat was dominant in the Paleo Era while other anthropologists such as Dr. S. Boyd Eaton claim that Paleo diets were more balanced and in the 35% fat, 35% carbohydrate, and 30% protein range.

Paleo Era fiber consumption has also been estimated at a minimum of 100g a day by some anthropologists and Dr. Robert Lustig. However, it seems fiber is rarely emphasized in the Primal diet and I know Mark has said it is overrated and we really do not need that much fiber.

How should we make sense of this? Thanks for your thoughts.