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Thread: Reverse Denial

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    Yeah, I bought a pair of size 12 designer jeans the other day (can you say shopaholic) but I still pull 16's, 14's and XL's off the rack. I do a good job of dressing well though and have always paid attention to clothes fit. One thing I have noticed is that I look better in a wider variety of styles. I used to always, always- V neck, nipped in waist, never a shirt that needs tucked in, no showing off a belt, always fitted tailored. Now I have a broader range of neck lines, always tuck in shirts and have bought some flowier clothing.

    The thing I go through is "I'm the fattest person here". The weird thing is at the stable is that it was true for a long time- willowy teen girls= never gonna be smaller than them. Now there has been a change in boarders, and there are several larger women that ride and it's the first time I've not been the largest on a horse, but I'm still thinking "god, they must think I am a huge fat ass".

    It's weird but I'm about the average size for a US woman but I still identify myself with being larger than average and I don't always believe photos of myself (like, oh, his camera must make me look thinner).

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    I have lost 120 lbs in the last 8 months, and I have that problem. I still see a 325 lb woman, especially when I look down at myself! I just have to rely on the size of my clothes, and take the scale's word for it. Can't see any weight loss at all, it's like I have anorexia, but not in the skin and bones thing!

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