I've been on Primal for almost 1 month, and I don't feel any better at all. I didn't had this "switch" that one day everyone seems to wakeup as a new person with so much more energy. Instead, I've been soooooo tired and sick almost all the time. I got trouble sleeping, a torticollis, sinusite, I lost my voice (i'm a professionnal singer) and I had vomitting. I rarely have energy. Is that normal?

For the first 2 weeks of the "diet", a lost so much weight. I'm already thin, a was then so skinny. Also, my skin looked it was getting better & cleaner (cause I always had a bit of acne). But then, the next 2 weeks, I put back my lost pounds (wich is good) and my skin is not as clean as before.

I know that before I got Primal, I ate a lot of sugar and carbs and experienced those crazy after meal crashes, as bad as I could not even fonction normally for the whole evening.

Can you give me some advices? I can't wait to feel energized.

Thank you :-)