Hi everyone,

Could I get some suggestions on the most optimal weight lifting protocol to follow please? I am 41, 5ft 8, 65kg and have a bit of a spare tyre and some visceral fat to lose but am otherwise not horribly out of shape. I have easy access to DB's a barbell and a bench as well as a chinup bar across the kitchen door.

My goal is to lose that visceral fat and gain good functional strength. I am not looking to bulk up particularly.

Mostly I do 3 sets of 8-12 reps - One big leg lift (deadlifts or squats or lunges) and 2 big upper body movements 2x a week. So typically my week may look like this:

Chest press
One armed rows

Kbell clean + press
Chin ups

This is okay, but in terms of time I tend to start at the weight I intend to lift and just do 3 sets at that level (in a circuit with the other exercises) but I can lift a fair bit more if I warm up to it of course. I like to lift more, but it means a workout could last 1hr or more if I do this, rather than the 30-40mins I think is probably optimal.

Can anyone offer comment or suggestion on this to help me find a more suitable structure to my goals?