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Thread: Help Choosing A Weight Lifting Protocol?

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    You want a recommendation for a barbell program, but you don't have the necessary equipment to do a barbell program, you don't want to spend the time it takes to do the program, and you don't want to do anything so complicated that it forces you to choose your own exercises?

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    RichMahogany's got the right of it. Figure out if you're truly dedicated to gaining strength. If yes, figure out what your goals are and be very specific. None of this "I want to get strong" or "I want to be lean" BS. Hard performance numbers with deadlines. Then find a program that will allow you to reach those numbers and don't deviate from it. Programs are popular for a reason, they work. Don't try and add your secret sauce to the programming. They're put together by professionals a lot smarter than us.

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    Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is a good book that has the information you need. I don't there is a "most optimal weight lifting protocol", but Kubik's book has a few. If you don't feel like spending any money do Stronglifts or Starting Strength. What your currently doing doesn't look awful to me, just a lot of reps in my opinion.

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