Hey guys,

I rarely get sick since revamping my diet, but even the best nutrition can't fight all the germs I'm exposed to as a college student who works in a buffet. Whew.

I could feel my body fighting against getting sick since about Wednesday. Friday I thought it'd be okay to have 2 glasses of wine, and Saturday I caved to a craving and had oatmeal for breakfast. (My body probably wanted something to soak up the alcohol?) Lo and behold, yesterday afternoon, the germs got me. I blame the carbs.

Anyway, here I am, up since 5 AM 'cause the runny nose/stuffy head feeling wouldn't let me sleep. I've been drinking lots of hot water with lemon, and last night I binged on almonds... I've been lazy lately and have been going for the nuts/raw veggies rather than cooking. Maybe that's why my immune system couldn't win this fight. I just had some broccoli cooked up in Kerrygold butter... but it didn't really do the trick.

Point is, I'm sick as a dog. My fridge is looking pretty bare, so I was thinking I'd go buy a few things. Definitely some oranges. What else should I do?

Is there some easy way I can make soup--what ingredients should I get? I recently got a crock pot, but I don't know how to use it yet. I guess I've gotta learn sometime.

Or any other suggestions? There's things I can't easily come by around here (I have to drive an hour to get grass-fed beef, for example), but I'm open to all suggestions! How does Grok beat the sniffles?!