I've been Primal for 4.5 months and I love it but I'm still making tweaks regularly. I have about 30lbs to lose but I'm not in a terrible hurry - although I have been losing 1lb/week on average which I'm very happy with. For a few weeks I've been trying increasing my proportion of fat calories and trying lo eat less carbs and minimising protein. However I found that I was eating more calories overall (trying not too though!) and eating less nutritious foods, and consequently gained a few pounds back.

So I had this idea that maybe I should cut out the processed fats and oils (lately that's been olive oil and butter for me) and replace them with foods that contain fat, such as olives and avocados. I did some playing around on cronometer and realised I was missing out on heaps of nutrients by replacing calories from lots of veggies I had been eating (including some root veggies like beet, carrot, parsnip etc) with fats, like butter, in order to minimise carbs. I also realised that even grass-fed beef is fairly low in lots of nutrients compared with chicken (with skin) or salmon for example.

So I'm going to try for a few weeks: no processed fats, more veggies, more chicken/fish/mussels/lamb than beef, more whole fatty foods like olives and avos and cheese too to a degree.

BTW I take 3g fish oil every day so my O3-O6 ratios are usually good. By way of movement I usually just do 2-3 hours of walking a week, and bodyweight exercises sporadically (nothing major I know, I'm getting there!).

What do you all think about these changes? Will the higher proportions of carbs from veggies and fatty fruits be better than calorie-dense, but relatively nutrient-poor fats? And does this sound like a good way to get back to losing weight?

Thanks for you insights.