I am trying to figure out what I might be deficient in. It's been close to two months since going Primal and I am pretty strict with it. I don't do dairy right now outside of grass-fed butter and a bit of cream in my coffee, and I've been feeling so good I don't care to cheat. Am I in ketosis? Probably not as I tend to eat too much protein, but have been cutting that back a bit, we will see.

The last couple of nights I've awoken with my toes, foot, and my shin (not calves) cramping. Once I get it to calm down, if I dare to move that foot, or even my toes, it comes back. I seem to remember being told that leg cramping is usually a lack of potassium, but every time I enter my daily food into MFP I am never short of anything outside of calcium.

Any thoughts of what I might be lacking? The shin cramping has me a bit perplexed, I don't think I've experience that before. Ever.