I tried the formal meal planning at the beginning and have mostly abandoned it. I buy grass fed beef and pastured pork by the quarter and side and have those in the freezer. Chicken and fish I buy fresh (or frozen). Vegetables come from the CSA or our garden (now petering out...sad face) or one of the local farms. Eggs too.

So I try to keep a supply of healthy foods in the house at all times. I make enough dinner for the next day's lunch, and I separate and pack it before serving dinner, so that I don't eat it all. My meals are not the fancy, recipe driven, photo worthy masterpieces seen in some of the journals, but they taste great (usually). She who must be obeyed, eats them and compliments me from time to time. She is not on board with PB yet, but eats what I place before her (she does not cook- does. not. cook.). She forages for sugary treats out of the house and away from my reproaches).

So it works for us. I admire those who plan shopping and meals and whip off these culinary masterpieces and photograph them before tucking in, but that's not me.