So I've only just signed up and posted my "meet and greet" thread, but I've had such good results eating Paleo for the past two and a half months that I felt obliged to post here as well. I am a work in progress obviously and plan to keep losing weight and getting healthier. So far I have lost 20lbs and two pant sizes. Those 2X and 3X shirts I used to wear are starting to hang off my body now which means I'll have to replace my wardrobe completely one of these days. That kind of stinks but it'll be money spent with a smile on my face I guess. I'm due for some blood work the end of Oct., but the doc already cut out my cholesterol pill and by Dec. I want to be off the BP pill too. He's onboard with the idea so that's good.

I buy bulk meat from a butcher but to save cost I don't get his organic grass fed stuff which would prob be better I know. Still his meats are lean and taste awesome. Living on steaks, roasts, burger, chops, ribs, briskets and so on is just fine by me...grew up and have lived in ranch states most of my life. Also do lot's of chicken, some pork and fish, about 10-15 eggs per week and mostly the frozen bags of the right kind of veggies with every meal. I eat fresh fruits but don't overdo it as I'm on a weight loss mission. Snack on nuts, olives, pickles, peppers and deli meats when I have the urge. Haven't touched a grain or legume since starting and don't miss them anymore. About 1/2 way through the second week I was feeling nauseous and lost appetite, but I powered my way through it and after three or four days it was over. Since then no problem sticking to the plan. I'm now a true believer and recommend this lifestyle to anybody thinking about it. The weight loss is a little bit slower now, but I'm looking to be down another 20 or so by Dec/Jan. I'll post some before and after pics at that time so newbies can see just what eating this way can do for you.