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Thread: Would you consider this a true free range pasture for these chickens?

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    Would you consider this a true free range pasture for these chickens?

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    Does that cage move every day? Then yes.

    Check this out: Is that chicken really free range? | Melissa McEwen on food anthropology, economics, and culture

    The only reason humans started eating chickens is because chickens eat the bugs around the "real" farm animals. We ate them because they were there. Other than the egg-laying aspect, raising chickens just to eat them is something of a nuisance.

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    That's a lot of grass! Not bad. I mean, I'd LIKE to see them out in the fields, but we have to be realistic. There are foxes and coyotes about.

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    That looks like one of those movable chicken pen things. That's actually state of the art. You rotate them through the pasture so that there's always some lush pasture and some in various stages of having been decimated by the chickens. The pasture gets time to recuperate while the chickens are busy trampling another section. In exchange, the chickens get water, shade and protection from predators. There's probably supplemental feed in there, too. They always get supplemental feed no matter what.
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