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Thread: Brain Fog !

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    Having real trouble with brain fog, it dosen't seem to follow any pattern. It can just come on at any time of the day. Anything I should be looking for ??

    Have been low carbing for about 2/3 months now and primal for about a month. Carbs always in the lower end of the 50-100g range, eating gram per pound of lean body weight protein and fats till satisfied.

    Any more suggestions ??

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    Did drinking for example coca cola helped you in the times before going primal? I always got "healed" by that. Now I miss it so much

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    My wife and I have had the same thing...try some fruit..nectarines helped the other day...I've seen quite a few posts about it lately, low energy etc...I'm sure part of it is the body getting used to lower carbs still...wish I had an answer that was more direct...try some various foods and see what helps...maybe a 10 minutes nap...I know that always helps me to reset too.

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    What are your carb sources?

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