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Thread: Fav Gametime Meal

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    Fav Gametime Meal

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    Now that football season is in full swing here in the U.S. and Canada what is your fav meal/snack for watching the game? For me I recently started making homemade guacamole sauce (extra spicy/extra lime) with veggies for dipping. 100% primal and delicious.
    All time high weight 262 lbs
    Primal since Spring 2012
    Start PB Weight: 240 lbs ish
    Current Weight: 220lbs ish
    Goal Weight:190-200 lbs
    All on a 6ft. 1/2 inch frame.

    I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

    I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.

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    I'm currently obsessed with buffalo shrimp. It's delicious, lighter than chicken wings and I don't have to deal with the whole 'what oil should I be using to fry the chicken in' dilemma. Substitute cream for the bit of milk in the blue cheese dressing. Make a lot.. they will go fast..

    Buffalo Grilled Shrimp with Blue Cheese Dip and Celery Recipe at

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    Primal 7-layer dip eaten with a spoon! Chopped fajita-style meat, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheddar, chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes, green chiles, sliced olives, salsa. Ooops, 9-layers! Oh well, I can live with it!

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